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Pension push on property market


The property market is widely acknowledged as a likely target for those who are taking benefit of the recent change with pensions and looking to invest funds outside of the usual pension system. Property is believed to be less volatile and a reasonable safe long term investment when compared to a number of other assets such as equities. It also provides a regular rental income plus the usual anticipation of capital growth over a medium to long term period.

As with any marketplace there are hurdles and pit falls to be avoided, therefore, it is vital to gain the right advice and at the right time. In our most recent Vickery Holman Newsletter we covered a range of relevant Asset Management issues please our newsletter tab to view this.

Parties must consider the “what if” scenarios rather than optimistically assume that rents quoted by the selling agent will always be received and only increase.

Holding costs are often forgotten in the excitement of a purchase but can quickly lead to the new owner incurring significant unbudgeted costs in paying for Business Rates and insurance when the property becomes vacant.

Any anticipated or required capital growth must be professionally appraised taking into consideration not just the subject property but its position within the local and regional market.

Is the building structurally sound and fit for purpose ? Is it going to be compliant with the regulations and legislation that can directly impact on its future use and value ?

At Vickery Holman we are already dealing with a number of “new” customers, guiding them through the process of finding and purchasing their new property interest. We understand how vital it is to ensure that their purchase fits their own future requirements of income, security and risk and they understand that getting the right advice now will provide the right results in the future.