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Building Surveys

A full range of services are provided locally with company wide specialist support given, as required by individual instruction and circumstance.

The Building Surveyors provide a personal, and flexible service of detailed and specialist advice. The combined team strength can be utilised to target large commissions, in a short period of time and in an economic and consistent manner.

• Full Building Survey
• Asset Management Plan
• Structural Elements Survey
• Schedule of Condition
• Insurance Reinstatement Valuation
• Stock Condition Survey
• Quinquennial Survey
• Access Audit
• Defect Analysis

Full Building Survey

Whether it be for domestic or commercial, the Full Building Survey provides a detailed picture of the condition of a building. All elements are surveyed throughout a building and its grounds to ensure a purchaser understands fully the extent of disrepair.
For any property purchase this type of survey is essential to ensure a full understanding of potential liabilities is obtained.

Asset Management Plan

The AMP is designed to advise building owners and occupiers specifically on the maintenance and repair works. The report sets timescales for works to be undertaken and provides budget costs, enabling the user to accurately cost plan maintenance work over a desired time frame. This report format is a useful tool for landlords and occupiers in providing a structure to manage maintenance and repair works.

Structural Elements Survey

This survey focuses on the main structure only of a property, looking primarily for signs of movement and structural failure. The survey also focuses on identifying rot, decay, damp and other deteriorations in building fabric.
The survey is aimed at people looking to purchase a property but who plan on undertaking major refurbishment works so have no need for information relating to general condition.

Schedule of Condition

This type of survey is aimed at recording the exact condition of a property at a specific point in time. This may be because the property is being rented out to limit repairing liability or as part of a party wall agreement where works are being undertaken adjacent to a property and consequential damage needs to be measured.

Insurance Reinstatement Valuation

This survey is designed to ascertain information about a property so that an insurance reinstatement figure can be provided.
All insurance companies require a rebuild figure to be provided as a basis for their insurance risk to be valued. Our report clearly sets out the costs associated with a rebuild, but also any other issues that might have to be managed. This ensures the correct insurance is put in place, preventing the risk of under or over insurance.

Stock Condition

The stock condition survey and report is aimed at organisations with multiple properties who want to gain a picture of the general condition of their buildings.

Quinquennial Survey

This is a thorough Survey of all elements of a building on a five year cycle. Most churches and chapels across the country require these to be undertaken, along with historic buildings, scheduled ancient monuments and historic ruins.

Access Audit

An Access Audit reviews the accessibility of a building and bench marks it against the relevant accessibility standards. This format is used for buildings with public access or where a building owner needs advice on where the access provisions fall short of standards and where improvements can be made.

Audits are also useful for employers to ensure their facilities are appropriate for the requirements of their employees. Our reports identify shortfalls in the accessibility, and make recommendations on the best, most appropriate remediation.

Defect Analysis

This survey is targeted at building owners and occupiers who have a specific defect and need to understand the cause and most appropriate method of remediation.

Building Surveys Team

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Mike Spencer

Case Studies

Tamar House

Tamar House

Tamar House is a 1950’s building originally designed for the Royal Mail. Over time the building has been sub divided and sub let. The condition of the building has deteriorated over the years resulting in water ingress to the upper parts. Download PDF